researching research
Yay!! finally got back online after some trouble with the password, of all things!!! Must've mistyped something when I was creating the account!! Anyway, I'm back on and things are looking good.

Been lazy about telling some of my friends that I'm now online, but will eventually get around to it, most likely when I get back home.

Been busy the past couple of days with writing up an application for a grant for next year, as well as looking for job openings whose deadlines have not expired or do not expire within the week. Tough to find, unfortunately. But there are several prospects, so I guess it's not that bad. Of course, working on the application means that I'm neglecting the processing that I SHOULD be working on. But I have plenty of time to finish that, while the application deadline is the 01 Nov!!

Ah, well, guess I should head on off and continue my research so I can finalize the application....

here we go...
Hmmmm....maybe i should change my location and time zone to indicate that i am still in greece and not back home.....then again, i'll be back home in a couple of weeks, so what's the point, right?? the main thing to think about is finding the time to figure out the journal, but that will have to wait until i am no longer on a torturously slow modem connection!!! can't wait for fast internet. now....let's see what i can figure out in terms of profiling.....


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