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new landscapes
Finally done with the teaching and was able to relax a few weeks before I had to leave for Greece.

Now that I am here, however, I'm worrying about the suitcase that has gone showed up this morning, bright and early, so I'm hoping the other one shows up tomorrow. That would be especially good since I only have one change of clothes and the rest is in the MIA bag. Not to mention that my friend's wedding gift is in there, too....and she gets married on Saturday!!! And it would help if the people at the lost baggage desk actually picked up the phone (or actually put it back in the cradle so it doesn't always tell me that the number is busy or doesn't exist).

Hmmm...this is turning more into a rant rather than an update, so seeing that the time is now almost 1AM and I'm rather tired in a jetlaggy kind of way, I think I'll leave it for now and get sme shut eye.


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